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Orthodontics is the specialisation of Dentistry concerned with the prevention and correction of displacement of the teeth. Orthodontists like me spend their days moving teeth around with the aim of improving the function and appearance of the teeth, (and teeth can grow in some unusual places).

The main practice of Orthodontics is straightening teeth using fixed and removable braces.

Fixed Braces are stuck onto the teeth with glue. They can be stuck to the front or back surfaces of the teeth. By being attached to the teeth throughout the course of treatment, it is possible to accurately move the teeth, achieving complicated bodily tooth movements including rotation and derotation of individual teeth and root torquing. Fixed braces can provide accurate and reliable tooth movements of grossly displaced teeth in even the most severe malocclusions.

Removeable Braces are designed to be taken in and out of the mouth for cleaning and adjustment and can be either:

  • Functional appliances. These modify the skeletal relationship in younger patients by exerting a force onto the growth areas of developing jaws.

  • Sinple spring or screw type appliances. These are really aimed at younger patients in the mixed dentition. These are limited in what they can do and are only used for space maintenance or simple rudimentary tooth movements such as tipping, but they are very useful for the correction of anterior or posterior crossbites, to allow the permanent teeth to erupt into a more favourable position.

However in the last few years a new age of removable braces has hit the market in the form of Invisalign and Clearstep. Here, a series of clear pressure formed positioners are used to progressively move the teeth.The obvious advantage of these braces is that they are virtually invisible.

However at the end of the day it is what is right for each individual patient and their needs.

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